The 2018 Innovation Award given by the Telespazio group has reached its fourteenth edition, assigning on November 8th three prizes and two mentions to initiatives that have been selected among 21 projects presented at corporate level. The three categories evaluated are: Incremental Innovation, Radical Innovation and Best Idea.

From  left to right: Iacopo Cuscianna (Head of HHRR), Marco Brancati (Head of N&C), Luigi Pasquali (CEO of Telespazio), Mario Costantini,  Massimo Zavagli, Andrea Bucarelli, Carlos Hernando

Telespazio Ibérica has received, through Carlos Hernando Ramiro, the award for the Best Idea for the project “Automatic Corregistration of Optical Images and Radar-SAR”, included in the SAR4ip project developed within the area of the Spanish Ministry of Defense, in INTA- National Institute of Aerospace Technology – facilities.  The team members, in addition to Carlos Hernando Ramiro, are Massimo Zavagli (Team leader), Andrea Bucarelli, and Mario Costantini, all from e-GEOS (Telespazio Group).

SAR4ip: R&D project led by Telespazio Ibérica, oriented to the processing of SAR images whose objective is to increase SAR technology knowledge of the Spanish Ministry of Defense (through INTA) and  the Spanish industry, in order to achieve a better exploitation of the data coming from PAZ, the Spanish radar satellite of Earth Observation launched last February.

For more information about the project, you can consult the following link: SAR4ip