Up to what point our cartographic bases reflect the real world? An updated information is a key factor for decision-making in an organisation or company.

TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA AC (Cartographic Updating Services), available for all the Spanish territory, assist you in this effort and enables you to update all the cartographic information of your municipality.

Nowadays, we have high-accurate territorial information but this information is expensive and it is not updated frequently. Furthermore, the information collected is used for several purposes and it includes many layers. Therefore, to update this cartography it is necessary to make an expensive initial investment to collect the data and to develop the processing chains, with the consequence that it takes more than two years to update it in most of the cases.

Telespazio Ibérica has its own processing chain that guarantees a complete and flexible, fast cartographic update in 2D (with a maximum detail of 1:5.000) based on the interpretation of satellite images for Earth observation at a high and low resolution.

The advantages of the AC services of TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA are that they offer:

  • FAST UPDATING PROCESS. Reduction of the updating cycle from years to less than two months (*).
  • GUARANTEE. All the information of your municipality is updated.
  • FLEXIBILITY. The layers you choose with the information of interest are updated. We also include visible data in the image that do not appear in conventional cartography at a 1:5000 scale.
  • HOMOGENEITY in the resulting information. Having a certain updating date and the homogeineity of the product resulting makes easier its comparison with previous cartographic series.
  • ERRORS ELIMINATION in the cartographic base of the customer in which updated data are also included.

* Subject to the delivery of satellite Quickbird images with an average frequency of five weeks.

TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA puts at your disposal the most advanced technological resources and a skilled human team to update cartography. They guarantee our products and services.