Cartographic Updating Services for Public Administrations


Public administrations need the tools to know in depth the territory that its municipality comprises. Therefore, an updated cartography is a basic asset for cadastral management, urban planning and even can be a key factor to save human lives in emergencies.

The traditional updating processes for cartography are long and expensive. TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA offers you an alternative and launches its AC Services (Cartographic Updating Services), a brand-new product to update cartography in 2D in an easy, flexible way and at a reasonable cost, based on the interpretation and combination of satellite images of low and high resolution.

The Express Cartographic Service of TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA updates digital cartography of your municipality in a few months and at the same time offers you a high-resolution quick ortophoto service.

With AC you can benefit from a fast, flexible and homogeneous process to update your cartography but with the maximum guarantee that Telespazio Ibérica offers in each of its products.