The Consortium made up by EDEF (leader), COTESA and Telespazio Ibérica has finished the execution of the project “Actualización de la cartografía urbana de Madrid a escalas 1:1.000, 1:5.000 y 1.20.000“, with which the City Council of Madrid renews the cartography of the entire municipality of the capital.

The cartographic update process, by means of photogrammetric restitution of the cartography at a scale of 1: 1,000, has been developed from the pre-existing cartography (2013) and the current city images obtained by photogrammetric flight. By comparing both datasets,”cartographic elements that can be updated” both at a geometric and semantic level have been identified. Applying cartographic generalization methods, cartography has been obtained at a scale of 1: 5,000 and 1: 20,000.

In addition, this new cartography includes, for the first time, the representation of nearly 200 km of tunnels and underground passages with centimetric precision. The use of LIDAR (3D scanner), GNSS / inertial systems (positioning) technologies  and 360 ° cameras, allowed to capture the different elements of the tunnel (signaling, facilities, topography, interior equipment of tunnels, roads, gauges, walls …) The incorporation of this “underground cartography” to the existing one, is a great contribution regarding emergency managing services, maintenance and conservation more effectively.

The City Council intends to make this new cartography available for downloading through its municipal open data portal (