Juan Tomás Hernani (left) and Massimo Comparini (right)

TELESPAZIO and SATLANTIS signed in Paris, in the context of the EO Summit, an agreement to define Telespazio’s terms and interests to perform a of Joint investment Round with Satlantis’ investors, including Telephone Everis, Orza, The Ministry of Economy (AXIS-ICO) and the Basque Government.

The purpose of this alliance is the development of an Earth Observation satellite constellation that will complement an advanced digital EO services platform.

SATLANTIS contributes with a critical technology for this goal, building space cameras with very high resolution that will be installed on small satellites. Customers will take advantage of real time imaging through small satellite constellations that require more affordable investments.

Massimo Claudio Comparini, CEO of e-GEOS and Director Geo Information Business of Telespazio, stated that “In the rapid digital transformation that is taking place, the spatial big data will play a central role in the provision of competitive intelligence for more and more communities of users and sectors. The final customer stands at the center of this transformation, with the satisfaction of data needs for the monitoring of natural disasters, maritime traffic control, precision agriculture and other classic applications to which a huge number of new customers will be added. SATLANTIS provides an essential technology for this new digital business, which is very relevant for us. In this study we must determine how we complement our current product portfolio with new data with high temporal and spatial resolution”.

Juan Tomás Hernani, The CEO of SATLANTIS, stated that “This Partnership allows us to have the knowledge and market of TELESPAZIO, one of the global operators of the Geo Information market with more expertise, to design, build and operate constellations of EO micro satellites that provide real-time data for protection and surveillance of critical infrastructures such as pipelines, coastal lines, borders, high-speed railway etc. that require high temporal and spatial resolution (sub metric), to be supplied in a modern concept of Satellite as a Service. The TELESPAZIO-SATLANTIS Alliance is a clear example of how Upstream technologies (satellites) and Downstream technologies (GEO services) are integrated to satisfy customers’ observational needs in time. “