Activities begin for the ESA Framework Contract for EO-Clinic. The objective of this project is to explore more innovative EO products by responding (in rapid-response mode) to the frequent requests made by World Bank Group (WBG) and Asian Development Bank among other stakeholders.

These requests may be focused on 1 or more of the 11 topics defined in this Framework Contract, which cover the relevant domains that can be addressed through the EO. 

The types of EO products required will be of an innovative nature, seeking to expand the range of application of EO techniques in the development projects of multilateral organizations. These projects may include the use of other non-EO data sources as well as ICT technologies.

e-GEOS leads a consortium made up of 13 European companies, among which are its subsidiaries Telespazio Iberica and GAF ​.

For more information about this project please visit ESA website.