G-NEXT is an FP7 Project that started on July 2013, which aims to support the transition of the Copernicus services for Security applications from research and development and pre-operational service provision to a fully operational mode.

Support to the EU in the crisis management covers from prevention (reference and contingency mapping), to the following phases after the event – right after and evolution – (event mapping, crisis area mapping).

In particular, G-NEXT will supply information and intelligence data to support the operations of the European External Action Service (EEAS), including mapping and geo-information products ready for use in emergency and crisis situations. Users should be able to integrate the services provided by G-NEXT into their working environments in an effective and reliable manner.

Telespazio Ibérica is part of this consortium led by e-Geos. The company’s activities in this project are focused on rapid mapping, providing a 24/7 service for rush response to security crisis scenarios. Products delivered include basic cartography, thematic crisis area cartography, changes analysis depending on the kind of scenario and crisis; analysis report…

The project is coming to its closure as pre-operational service, and its final meeting is foreseen for the end of June 2015.

For further information, please refer to the official project website: http://www.copernicus.eu/projects/g-next