Earth Observation with MiniUAVs

Our bet is simplicity

In TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA offer you a specific and innovative service for natural resources and infrastructure monitoring, and as support for emergencies management and to accurately map small areas: MiniUAV Services.

The Earth Observation services with MiniUAV are rerdered with small aerial vehicles that fly without a pilot and are operated via a remote control system. These MiniUAV Services offered by Telespazio Ibérica are “turnkey” services to monitor the territory and to obtain georeferenced information. Furthermore, they cover the full information cycle, from data collection in delimited areas, data georeferenciation (geographic location on a map) to their subsequent processing and integration into 2D and 3D Geographic Information Systems (GIS).

Telespazio Ibérica MiniUAV Services allow you to monitor small or lineal areas (infrastructures, waterways, roads, coasts, etc.) from the air and obtain high-resolution images and videos (at a 1:100 scale leaks in pipeline, car model, units in crops can be distinguishable, etc.).