Telespazio Ibérica leads since January 2014 a working team formed by other industrial companies and institutions: Indra, INTA and e-Geos. SAR4ip is a R&D project for SAR imagery processing. It aims to improve the Spanish Ministry of Defense (through INTA) and the Spanish industry’s SAR technology know-how in order to be able to make the most of the data coming from PAZ – Spanish earth observation radar satellite that will be launched soon – in both, military and civil, uses. The project implies an important know-how transfer to the Spanish teams while developing new products in the following business areas:

  • Automatic and Semiautomatic Target Detection and Recognition: through iterative simulation and training processes a target database is populated (including an exact identification and detection).
  • COptical/SAR imagery Coregister: getting a reliable automatic imagery coregister in both types of images in order to be able to extract more and better information from a single area.
  • Digital Elevation Models Quality Control and 3D Surface Reconstruction: DEMs (Digital Elevation Models) recurrently present some common errors such as void information areas. Therefore, the project aims to complete this missing information as well as to validate the final product. Moreover, this project has a second activity that covers the analysis of 3D surface reconstruction from a sparse and low density cloud of points.

SAR4ip project final meeting is scheduled for November 2015.