Broadband IP for the maritime sector

Telespazio Ibérica offers a comprehensive range of satellite solutions designed specifically for the maritime sector. These solutions involve that services such as Internet, Intranet, email, telephony (fixed, GSM and satellite) and video-conference etc. are available from anywhere on the globe. The platform also provides technical support in all the installation phases of its custom solutions.

Applications for the Maritime Sector
  • Connectivity services, with broadband available in the sea and on-the-move for leisure and for commercial aims
  • Trunking services, that extend the telecommunications network of clients and provide remote access
  • Emergency services, that enable non-professional navigation and make it more secure (Nautisat)
  • Geopositioning services, that enable fleet tracking and help the emergency services to identify vessels in hazard
Services available
  • SeaOnNet: is the platform that provides broadband telecommunications services and computer applications even when the ships are in route. Be On The Net platform has a global coverage and it is developed for shipping companies and Oil & Gas companies. Onet is adapted according to the customer requirements and offers a complete service from the desing of the solution for the fleet of the customer to the development of “ad hoc” services (Intranet, email and video-conferencing).
  • FullSat Marine: is a mobile terminal that allows us to provide all the standard services and value-added solutions that are included in the FullSAT Middle East and Brazil FullSAT terrestrial solution even on ships sailing in the Mediterranean, the North Atlantic near the European coast and in Brazil. FullSAT Marine, unlike SeaOnNet is a standard solution and does not require a special customization. It has a regional coverage.
  • Nautisat: is a solution based on Orbcomm. Has a low rate of data transmission and its control center is used primarily to locate the position of the ship and send standard messages.
  • Fleet-E: it is used to locate the position of the vessel, its route and sends information about that. The solution is based on LEO Orbcomm satellite constellation and on Telespazio servers to offer geolocalization services.
  • Iridium: The satellite wireless communications service has been designed to enable the exchange of voice and data to and from anywhere in the world and at any time. Iridium allows voice calls through the mobile satellite terminal (with a SIM card) and a network of 66 operational satellites. The satellite phone can be connected to a PC that enables the access to the corporate network or Internet connection.
Differential characteristics
  • Broadband services with global coverage, including in open sea
  • Real-time fleet management, a system much more efficient than traditional systems
  • Integrated solutions (unlike its competitors and other providers of satellite connectivity, Telespazio Ibérica covers the whole value chain)
    • Efficient assistance 24 hours.
    • Cost-effective solutions.
    • Reliability through the teleport center of Fucino.