Communications Emergency Management

The Emergency Management Services of Telespazio Ibérica are based on the interactive platform for satellite broadband SkyplexNet. This platform provides clients with direct and independent access via satellite, avoiding the use of expensive links or hubs that in the event of breakdown would put the entire network out of work.
The platform can use monodireccional or bi-directional terminals, fixed or portable, with signal coverage in Europe and the Mediterranean basin.
Users of the SkyplexNet Service have access to their own satellite network, with the option of manage itndependently.

Applications of the Communication Services for Emergency Management
  • Services for the National Civil Protection Department: The system provides networking and coordination between different central and local agencies responsible for emergency management (National Civil Protection Department).
  • Emergency Management Services for companies with critical infrastructure that might be interested in interconnections with the authorities responsible for managing emergencies.
  • Services to Hospitals and health asisstance structures
Coverage and service performance
  • The specific architecture of the network system eliminates the need for terrestrial connections for the transfer of all data at a single transmission centre (hub).
  • SkyplexNet is the only commercial solution available that provides access to the satellite directly and simultaneously from all centers of communication, regardless of their location.
  • At the operational level, the system includes SkyplexNet different mobile terminals (on trailers or installed in vehicles) that interconnect with different national and local centres (fixed stations).
  • The satellite access can be single channel per carrier (SCPC) or time division multiple access (TDMA), with a maximum capacity of transmission by terminal of 2 to 6 Mbps and a granularity of 512 Kbps / 64 Kbps
Distinguishing features
  • Security
  • Quick and easy Implementation
  • Strong reliability: mesh network configuration and quasy-military standard terminals that can operate in extreme situations (civil protection)
  • Interoperability between different types of users due to the standardization of the solution
  • Self-adapting satellite bandwidth, with the option to rellocate bandwidth among users according to need (emergencies)
  • Low cost: no need to invest in setting up a satellite hub.