Telespazio Ibérica provides the necessary support for the implementation of closed/corporate networks and secure private networks for interconnecting a large number of peripheral stations connected to a central node, regardless of the location. The selection for this type of network service is based on the levels of security, flexibility, quality, effectiveness and efficiency offered that best suit the customers’ requirements.

Applications of the Solutions

The corporate solutions implementing corporate networks and virtual private networks (VPNs) are:

  • Intranet Applications
  • Management applications
  • Transactions / POS
  • High-performance VPNs
  • Cyber cafés
  • WiFi access points
  • Video streaming
  • VoIP Services
  • Access to Internet


Coverage and service performance
  • For clients requiring corporate networks, Telespazio Ibérica offers different service profiles based on dedicated connectivity. Depending on customer requirements, Telespazio Ibérica offers a standard product-based solutions FullSAT, or a customized solution that meets the coverage requirements of the customer (global and regional), network type (star or mesh) levels of security (encryption, etc.). and criteria for performance.
  • The profiles of the service include the supply of satellite connectivity (both inbound and outbound) dedicated exclusively to one or more satellite terminals belonging to the customer’s network.
  • Telespazio Ibérica also has the ability to connect the system to the terrestrial network of the customer (eg. Headquarters of the company), with dedicated private access points using different connection methods (MPLS, CDN, ISDN, SDH, etc.). . This connection is made via Telespazio terrestrial networks, which is a fully redundant system and enabling the remote installation of equipment and infrastructure at the customer’s premises.


Distinguishing features
  • Security: secure transmission of data traffic thanks to advanced encryption systems that offer high levels of protection
  • Reliable: data traffic is not affected by service breakdowns in terrestrial networks
  • Flexibility: A large choice of transmission speeds, data volumes and formats, protocols
  • Simplicity: equipment installation and connection does not require any structural changes in buildings
  • Peace of mind: “turnkey” solutions
  • Technology: network cost and performance does not depend on the distance between facilities or infrastructures, or on geo-topographical factors
  • Compatibility: the application can be integrated with terrestrial networks
  • Compatibilidad: la aplicación puede ser integrada en redes terrestres.