Spaceopal, joint venture between Telespazio group and the German Space Agency (DLR GfR), has been awarded by the GSA (European GNSS Agency) with the Galileo Service Operator (GSOp) contract. It has been a long tendering process that began in January 2015. The contract, with a value of up to 1.5 billion Euro, has been signed last 15th of December in a special event that took place in Brussels where EC, GSA and ESA participated. The service will start from January 2017.

During the 10-year contract, Spaceopal will assume responsibility for managing the Galileo satellite system and its performance: in particular, the operations and control of the system, its security, logistics and maintenance of the systems and infrastructure, as well as for User Support Services and User Services.

Specifically, under GSA management the contract awarded to Spaceopal includes:

  • Secure operations of Galileo from two mission control centres (GCC), located in Germany and Italy, and the European GNSS Service Centre (GSC) for user support services in Spain.
  • Management of the Galileo Data Distribution Network (GDDN).
  • Integrated logistics support and maintenance for the entire space and ground infrastructure.
  • Monitoring of the system performance.
  • Support the completion of the Galileo infrastructure and associated launches.

Telespazio Ibérica, who has had a very active involvement during the proposal phase as part of Telespazio group, express our congratulations to Spaceopal’s team and its partners.  Specially, highlighting the deep and fruitful cooperation with the Spanish team involved in the Spaceopal proposal: INECO, ISDEFE and INTA. We are looking forward to maintaining a close relationship with all of them at the GSC during these following years.

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