Cartography & Maps


Using its own resources and its partners’ resources, Telespazio Ibérica has the human and technical capacity to produce important volumes of digital cartography in any part of the world.

  • In urban contexts Telespazio Ibérica has experience of working with 500, 1,000 and 2,000 scales.
  • Other areas where we have undertaken projects successfully are techniques for civil engineering, territorial areas and architectonic and territorial areas.
  • Telespazio Ibérica is able to carry out the entire process of generating ortophotoplanes including generating MDT in digital fotogrametric stations (EFD).
  • Ortophotoplanes are generated on different scales in colour or black and white according to the preferences of the customer. If required because of the nature of the flights, ortoimages are generated using the mosaic technique. Finally the necessary adjustments are made to obtain a homogenous result on the sheet.
  • Telespazio Ibérica has lengthy and consolidated experience in analysing territory using satellite technology with different satellites and different frequency rankings.This knowledge is very useful when producing cartography.

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