Cartography & Maps


Using its own and partners’ resources, Telespazio Ibérica has the human and technical capacity to produce important volumes of digital cartography worldwide.


    • In urban contexts Telespazio Ibérica has experience of working with 500, 1,000 and 2,000 scales.
    • Other fields where we performed successful projects are civil engineering, land use, architecture and infraestructure.


    • Telespazio Ibérica is able to carry out the entire process of generating ortophotomaps including generating MDT in digital photogrammetric stations (EFD).
    • Ortophotomaps are generated in different scales, both colour or black & white according to the preferences of the customer, to obtain an homogenous result on each sheet/mosaic.


    • Telespazio Ibérica has extended and consolidated experience in analysing the territory using satellite technology with different satellites and type of sensors.


    • Telespazio Ibérica participates in the EO European Programme Copernicus, performing Operational Services within several vertical domains: Land, Emergency & Security. Besides the high quality that those products demands, it should be highlighted that in the cases of the Emergency & Security Services, the need for an rapid response to the client’s requests. The products generated in those operational services support the EU in the decision-making process related to safety and environmental issues, helping the management of natural as well as manmade disasters.


    • In the field of cartography for military use, Telespazio Ibérica has a insightful experience due to its participation in the MGCP Program (Multinational Geospatial Co-production Program) promoted by NATO, during six years. Cartography is produced using very high spatial resolution satellite images sources (<1m) and with strict technical specifications / standards.



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