Mobile GIS

Consulting and editing geographical data anywhere and under any circumstances

At the present time mobile communications and the availability of broadband allows us to access applications and data from anywhere that before we could only use and consult in the office.

Mobile GIS is made up of all those technologies that provide access to GIS applications and geographical information from a mobile device so that people can consult and edit.

Mobile GIS affects 3 key points of the organization:

  • INCREASING PRODUCTIVITY associated with the optimization of resources and routes.
  • IMPROVING THE QUALITY of the service perceived by the customer at a reasonable cost.
  • INCREASED PROFITS. Calculating costs according to geographical criteria helps improve sales margins.

TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA is at the vanguard of technology participating as a sponsor or cooperating in initiatives to investigate and apply new technology in national and international entities.

  • We are specialists in TERRITORIAL KNOWLEDGE.
  • We have TEAMS SPECIALIZED in these kind of projects.
  • We can advise you on the technology that best suits your needs because we are INDEPENDENT.
  • We are FLEXIBLE enough to be able to adopt the most competitive form of business.

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