Remote Metre Reading (Telereadings) is an automatic measurement system enabling clients to obtain automatic readings of remote devices.

The system has a programmable terminal that measures and a GPS/GPRS modem that transmits them through a movable line of conventional communications to a concentrator or reading control centre. The system can receive readings from one or more terminals or ask for readings from a specific device.

It can be integrated with a SAP/ISU module for automatic invoicing and detecting, by means of alarms, of incorrect readings or readings displaying irregular patterns.

It is extremely useful in those situations in which remote reading provides information which is valuable to improve business processes like forecasting consumption or planning a network. These are some of the present applications:

  • Remote reading of gas metres of large consumers.
  • Controlling the levels of petrol tanks for a network of filling stations to optimize the re-fuelling routes.
  • Controlling the level of toxic substances in a chemical industry zone.
  • Remote reading of weather stations.

In general it is a low cost substitute for those controlling systems that require constant reading, but not in real time, covered at the moment by SCADA systems. SCADA are expensive systems to acquire and to maintain and with long waits between failures. For all those critical control applications which are not in real time this system offers a better cost/benefit relationship.

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