Vigo, June 2016. Telespazio Iberica and Syntelix have developed an innovative portfolio for the fishing industry based on a global ku-band maritime connectivity. They have been showing it at Navalia, one of the most relevant shipbuilding international exhibition in Europe.

Telespazio and Syntelix, the spanish-based satellite communications solutions provider, specialized on maritime SATCOM through its brand USAIL®, have been exhibiting its innovative solutions for the off-shore & deep-sea fishing industry, one of the most dynamic and growing niche within the maritime vertical.

Both firms have built a strategic partnership to jointly develop a cutting-edge end-to-end offer based on a global Ku-band communications network, combining the latest innovations on voice, vídeo, crew welfare and fleet management.

The companies are leveraging on each other’s complementary profile, industry expertise and technical resources to create a cost-effective, secure and reliable global satellite communications solution for the fishing market niche.

Telespazio’s network of seven teleports including the largest commercial teleport facility in the world, the Fucino space centre with more than 170 antennas linked to major fibre point of presence (PoPs) around Europe, brings a cutting-edge platform allowing unparalleled coverage across all fisheries, particularly where traditional providers do not reach.

The offer, already rolled out in some prime fleets since a year ago, has had an excellent reception and the backlog for this year and for 2017 is large.