Telespazio Ibérica, as member of the consortium integrated by Planetek Italia (leader), Geoville and Planetek Hellas, participates in the first Very High Resolution Copernicus product on European Coastal Zones. Thus EEA intends to enrich the Local component of Copernicus Land Monitoring Service and to improve the monitoring capacity over a very sensitive and populated area in Europe.

The new products will cover a 10 km inland fringe with a total area of 730.000 km² in Europe, including LC/LU status maps and LC/LU change layer for the reference years 2012 and 2018. The products will have a minimum mapping unit of 0.5 ha and record around 60 LC/LU classes. The initial production will consist of:

  • a LC/LU status layer for 2012,
  • a LC/LU change layer between 2012 and 2018,
  • and a LC/LU status layer for 2018.

More info about Coastal Zones