exhibition area Management


This family of solutions serves to extract the maximum value when renting and selling space in buildings and infrastructures, including the management of materials and furniture.

Using these tools the account manager can manage the physical as well as sales area for specific periods of time or events from an initial definition to the effective beginning, conducting all necessary operations for their execution, defining the features and transacting requests for space and equipment from the customer.

Its use is extremely attractive for those companies dedicated to organizing events, managing fairgrounds and administering physical space under license because it offers complete support to the sales area in relation to management.

This family of solutions allows you to:

  • Automate long and tedious processes of organization of space.
  • Optimize the distribution of the space on sale.
  • Automate the process of sale of the space and customer invoicing.
  • Improve the information offered to the customers allowing them to see what they
    are buying.
  • Measure the yield by square meter based on supply.
  • Evaluate individually the quality of the sales work.

It offers the following competitive advantages:

  • HIGH PERFORMANCE & SCALABILITY. The system is prepared to manage great
    volumes of data and a big number of users.
  • INTEGRATES the invoicing system of the company.
  • PUBLICATION OF THE INFORMATION to the outside via Internet.