• In order to optimize profit obtained when acquiring land.
  • In order to favour the transparency of a traditionally opaque process.
  • In order to save costs and to increase the productivity of my team.
  • In order to obtain an improvement of the quality of the service or product that I offer.

The information is usually organized based on its graphic or alphanumeric nature. The lack of updated graphical information of the acquired property generates uncertainty about:

  • The situation and the limits of the acquired land.
  • The situation and limits of the property once the project has been concluded. Residual items with a hidden patrimonial value are generated.

There is often difficulty in accessing the information from surroundings which are different from that of the expropriation. The infrastructure of space services makes the information visible from the outside.

GEA gives an answer to these problems offering the possibility of:

  • Giving a value to ALL the managed patrimony.
  • Facilitating the management of the process using non-expert personnel.
  • Requires low learning costs.
  • Reducing the administrative cost of management.
  • Selectively publishing information based on user profiles for consultation.
  • Controlling the costs of updating and maintenance.