In October 2015 a cooperation agreement between Thales Alenia Space and Telespazio (Space Alliance) and ABE (Bolivian Space Agency) was signed for the development and start up of an “Open Geo Lab” in La Paz ABE facilities and the earth station Amachuma – El Alto.

The “Open Geo Lab” (OGL) is a framework addressed to researchers and software developers to understand, test and deploy components up-to-date or new scientific applications that can be tailored to the user’s needs on Earth Observation issues. Based on satellite data inputs and supporting actions aimed at implement the OGL, allows geospatial services development of in key areas such as data processing, analysis and visualization, thematic mapping and GIS applications development in a friendly environment.

The “Open Geo Lab” is part of “Bartolina Sisa” Satellite Plan promoted by ABE, whose main activity will be, in the coming years, a high-resolution optical satellite for Earth Observation launching and commissioning.