Aurensis took part in the ICC workshop on the future applications of the UAV for land management

In the working session different research centrespresented the projects currently being developed in order to improve the UAV technology.

Aurensis gave the paper “Initial sales experiences for UAV products and services: infrastructure and environmental monitoring, and control in emergencies.” This presentation gave a new focus as it provided the succesful sales experience of Aurensis with this technology. Aurensis explained how the market has received the first UAV services: photo / video for monitoring and mapping products (orthophotos 7-10-15 cm / pix and mapping 1:500 / 1:1000). The UAV services currently being offered by Aurensis with success are being carried out through an agreement with CATUAV, a technological company that has several years experience in the construction of UAVs.

During the workshop it became clear that the UAV have produced expectation in the market as they are brand new services. Therefore, there were many questions regarding the advantages these services offer and the difficulties they still have to overcome.

The colloquium made clear too that Aurensis is one of the pioneers bringing to the market the UAV as a mapping tool and an Earth observation service.