If terrestrial connectivity is lost, a permanently active satellite back-up system can keep the customer’s critical applications going when required.

Satellite back-up offers a reliable alternative communications link and means that businesses can carry on their ordinary activities and operations.

Applications of Telespazio Ibérica Back-up Services
  • Standard back-up solutions and tailored advanced solutions.
  • Two service profiles for peak velocity and minimum guaranteed bandwidth:
    ENTRY (peak velocity up/downlink 128/1024 Kbps, MGB 20 Kbps)
    PLUS (peak velocity up/downlink 256/1200 Kbps, MGB 64 Kbps)
  • The Outsourcing service involves control of the terminal(s) by Telespazio’s Network Control Centre (NCC). The terminal(s) functioning is checked periodically and the field service team is automatically notified if any problems are detected. Lastly, solutions can be tailored to specific customer requirements.
Distinguishing features
  • Quick and easy installation of terminals
  • Very reliable system thanks to the use of a different channel for the back-up (if the back-up is based on a terrestrial connection a breakdown could affect both systems, whereas the satellite system uses an entirely independent platform)
  • Remote monitoring and control of the satellite back-up network
  • Automatic switchover from the primary network to the satellite back-up system
  • Preventative maintenance and continuous diagnostic monitoring identify any breakdowns even when the system is not in use
  • Option to customise the service based on customer needs
  • The back-up services are easy to implement where terrestrial structures such as the following are already in place: Frame Relay, ISDN, MPLS, dedicated 
Service coverage
  • The service is offered over the platform:
    FullSAT Europe (all Europe, together with Marroco, Algeria, Tunis).