Satellite Communications

With our long track record in the satellite telecommunication and television sectors, and thanks to a portfolio of cutting-edge products and services, We offer to our clients secure, reliable and globally available solutions.

We are the Italian leader and a major European player in radio and television broadcasting, thanks to our facilities at the Fucino and Lario Space Centres and to the equipment installed and managed at clients’ premises. Our company manages communications networks capable of integrating satellite and ground-based infrastructure, responding effectively to the requirements of business and institutional markets, media and broadcast sectors and global telecommunications operators.

In the business market, we offer dedicated services for the Oil & gas, Utilities, Maritime and Telco sectors, implementing fixed-line, mobile broadband satellite services in Italy and abroad. In tactical military satellite communications (Milsatcom), we provide telecommunications services to the armed forces of NATO countries, through our involvement in the Italian defence programme SICRAL. In non-tactical military communications (Comsatcom), we offer telemedicine, distance learning and wideband connectivity services.

As part of the institutional satellite communications, we participate with a strategic role in the ATHENA-FIDUS programme and deliver innovative applications and services in the field of civil protection, security and e-government. 

Finally, in our Fucino and Scanzano Space Centers, we host ground segment equipment dedicated to telecommunications satellite systems managed by leading international operators (Inmarsat, Eutelsat).