A pole of excellence with over fifty years of history: in 2018 it received the prestigious full certification assigned by the World Teleport Association.

Telespazio's "Piero Fanti" Space Centre in Fucino (L'Aquila) has been active since 1963 and today, with its 170 antennas and 370,000 square metre, it is recognized as the first and most important "teleport" in the world for civilian use.

The Fucino Space Centre carries out in-orbit satellite control and telecommunications, television and multimedia services. Operational logistics and field services are active in support to the services provided.

It employs 250 workers including engineers, specialist technicians and operational staff.

Fucino hosts the Control Centre of the COSMO-SkyMed Earth observation satellite constellation and one of the Control Centres (GCC) that manage the European Galileo satellite positioning and navigation system.

The Galileo Control Centre is an infrastructure of 6.000 square metres that ensures processing and distribution of the navigation signal to satellites and the quality of service delivered to end users. This Centre manages the orbit of the constellation's satellites and a network of about forty ground stations.