COSMO-SkyMed is one of the most innovative Earth Observation programmes, financed by the Italian Space Agency (ASI), the Ministry of Defence, and the Ministry of Education, University, and Scientific Research.

The system is based on a configuration of several satellites equipped with SAR (Synthetic Aperture Radar) sensors that watch the Earth day and night under any weather conditions.

COSMO-SkyMed was developed for dual use and satisfy both civil and military needs.

The system was set up gradually. From 2007 to 2010, all four first-generation satellites were launched and are still in service.

In December 2019 and February 2022, the constellation was enhanced by the first two second-generation elements (CSG) which, together with two other satellites coming in the next few years, will fully replace the first generation of COSMO-SkyMed.

The Second Generation was designed to guarantee operational continuity of the radar observation services provided by the four first-generation satellites. It will ensure further improved performance in terms of technology, services, and the system's service life.

The two new satellites represent the pinnacle of radar observation from space in terms of precision, characteristics, and image quality.

The CSG will ensure further improved performance in terms of technology, services, and the system's service life. All these characteristics will enable the development of new applications in areas of increasing strategic value.

Telespazio's role

With its proven experience, Telespazio supports the program in its most crucial phases, from the realization of the entire ground segment to the acquisition and processing of data from the constellation, through its subsidiary e-GEOS.

Telespazio is responsible for designing and developing the ground segment, and for providing Integrated Logistics and Operations services. Telespazio is also responsible for the LEOP (Launch and Early Orbit Phases), IOT (In Orbit Tests) and Operational Approval phases of the satellite. 

The Fucino Space Centre hosts the Constellation Control Centre and engages in command and control activities and plans image acquisition requests.

e-GEOS (a Telespazio / ASI company), markets the COSMO-SkyMed radar data throughout the world. From the Matera Space Centre, e-GEOS acquires, processes, and distributes COSMO-SkyMed satellite data for civil applications.