Working for a sustainable future

As we are faced with the continuous evolution of the scenarios we are living in – from the geo-political and economical context to climate changes, from digitalisation to future skills – sustainability in our opinion is the constant search for a balance between our available resources and the challenges we are called to deal with.

Being a responsible company, which invests in individuals and skills, a catalyst for innovation, a reliable partner for customers, local communities and for the Aerospace, Defence and Security manufacturing districts. Every day we orient our actions through such sustainability goals.

Telespazio contributes to the development of the territories where we are present and to the creation of quality employment, favour the diffusion of scientific citizenship, guarantee the safety of citizens and infrastructure, sustain competitiveness and technological progress, respecting the limits set by the environment and providing solutions that allow preventing and mitigating the effects of the climate change.

We offer highly innovative solution for institutions, companies and private customers in the field of space services and applications. We contribute to provide geo-spatial applications that allow territory study and control, maritime surveillance, civil protection, prevention and management of natural events, cartography, agricultural applications, control of vehicle fleets, monitoring of hazardous sites and of infrastructures.