Space Programmes
Telespazio plays a key role in some of the most important and innovative international space programmes, providing space agencies and institutions with its valuable experience and know-how in space operations, the development of ground segments and the provision of geoinformation services and secure and reliable telecommunications.

In terms of Earth Observation, Telespazio is one of the principal partners of COSMO-SkyMedCopernicus and PRISMA, innovative missions, crucial in sustainability due to their ability to monitor the planet, infrastructure and climate change. Telespazio is also a partner of EUMETSAT in the new, cutting-edge Meteosat Third Generation weather satellite programme.

Together with its subsidiaries and Spaceopal, a joint venture with the German space agency DLR, Telespazio are leading partners in the European satellite navigation programme Galileo, which has one of its two control centres housed at the Fucino Space Centre.

In the realm of space exploration, Telespazio leads one of the consortia selected by the ESA for the Moonlight initiative and is also responsible for the development of the Space Rider ground segment division for the Space Rider and for supporting the execution of experiments on the International Space Station.

In addition, Telespazio is involved in both the development of ground segments and the provision of services for the SICRALAthena-Fidus and Syracuse 4, MILSATCOM programmes, which are essential for maintaining secure communications, not only for Italy and France, but also our NATO allies.