Ethics & Compliance

Code of Ethics

Telespazio Ibérica's Code of Ethics, approved by the Board of Directors on 24 April 2012, specifies the values to which its administrators, employees and collaborators of any kind must comply, accepting responsibilities, structures and roles and rules. In case of violating - even if there was no direct responsibility of the company towards third parties - they assume personal responsibility inside and outside the company.

Knowledge and respect of the code of behaviour by all those who carry out work activities at Telespazio Ibérica are fundamental conditions for the transparency and reputation of the company.

People / companies with whom Telespazio Ibérica has commercial relationships must also know the Code and respect compliance with the rules contained therein.

Whistleblowing Management

The Whistleblower Channel of Telespazio Iberica, S.L.U. (“The Company” or “Telespazio”) is a corporate tool to facilitate the safe formulation of any query about the scope and applicability of Telespazio’s Criminal Risk Prevention Plan (hereinafter, the “Prevention Plan”), as well as to inform or denounce situations of infraction or risk of criminal offense or the Prevention Plan.

The Whistleblower Channel is available to both company employees and third parties, all of whom are allowed to send, with complete confidentiality, inquiries about company regulations, as well as to report possible breaches or violations of them. For the purposes of this Procedure, employees are understood to be all administrators, directors, senior managers, executives, employees and other persons subject to the control and responsibility of Telespazio, regardless of the country or territory in which the complaint, non-compliance or miss conduct occurs.

The Whistleblower Channel is part of the Prevention Plan, and is established in order to ensure its effectiveness, as well as the Telespazio Code of Conduct and the rest of the internal regulations regarding supervision, surveillance and control aimed at prevent criminal risks in accordance with the provisions of the Spanish Penal Code and other laws applicable to Telespazio.

Ultimately, queries and complaints may be formulated confidentially and in relation to any conduct constituting a possible infraction not only criminal, but also civil, commercial, administrative, tax or of the Code of Conduct through the following form.

Anti-Corruption Code

The Board of Directors of Telespazio S.p.A. on February 14, 2020, adopted the "Anti-Corruption Code of Leonardo Group", as amended by Leonardo on September 26, 2019. It represents a structured and consistent system inspired to principles of integrity and transparency aimed at avoiding the risk of illegal practices in the conduct of corporate business and activities.

Leornardo´s Charter of Values

The charter of values provides the principles that guide the Group’s strategy and the daily activities of all those who work and collaborate with the Group itself.

Ethics and Respect, Expertise and Merit, Innovation and Excellence, Internationality and Multiculturalism, Rights and Sustainability are the values that shape the Leonardo’s way of doing business.