Innovation is in Telespazio Ibérica's DNA. We are part of the aerospace industry, a sector where everything moves at breakneck speed, as fast as rockets travel through outer space seeking to expand the human horizon. 

We are aware that business innovation is a determining factor that drives organizations to become more competitive and efficient, producing a decisive impact on the improvement of their financial results and placing them in a position to anticipate market needs.

Keeping abreast of the constant transformations taking place in this industry is vital to keep moving forward. 

Fostering young talent

Our commitment to innovation takes many forms. Starting with the promotion and development of technological innovation in the space sector among the younger generations, valuing their ideas and points of view and imagining together with them the technologies that will shape the future through incubators, specific programs and financial support for their initiatives. We do this, for example, with the fifth edition of the BFAero accelerator.

And with of #T-TeC, the Open Innovation contest by Telespazio and Leonardo. 

Continuing then with the intense collaboration we have established with space agencies, research centres and universities, offering their members the opportunity to develop their skills and knowledge. 

#T-TeC 2023

Discover the fifth edition of #T-TeC,
the Telespazio Technology Contest,
the Leonardo and Telespazio
Open Innovation contest open to students,
university researchers in STEM subjects
from all over the world.

Innovative public procurement

Without forgetting the joint work we carry out with some autonomous communities, such as Galicia and Andalusia, with which we also collaborate in the promotion of innovation through public procurement programs, with which we manage to create an important business network linked to certain projects and obtain technologies that we can then take advantage of in other projects. 

And we close with the training programs that we implement within the company itself with our employees. We cannot promote innovation outside our offices if we do not have the most innovative people inside. 

We face constant changes in many scenarios, the geopolitical context, digitalization, artificial intelligence..., and all in the midst of a competition that forces us to always be prepared to face them. 

Innovation is the master key that opens all these doors. At Telespazio Ibérica we know how to use it. We are a company that invests in people and innovative technologies. That is why we are a reliable and serious company that always looks to the future, but with our feet firmly planted in the present.


Working for a sustainable future

As we are faced with the continuous evolution of the scenarios we are living in – from the geo-political and economical context to climate changes, from digitalisation to future skills – sustainability in our opinion is the constant search for a balance between our available resources and the challenges we are called to deal with.