Space Centre & Teleports

Telespazio ranks among the world's leading satellite services operators. The company relies on a domestic and international network of space centre and teleports, the most important being the Fucino Space Centre in the Abruzzo region (Italy). Telespazio also operates in Italy through its Lario, Matera and Scanzano Space Centres.

Our centres around the world

Our centres around the world

The company runs its own teleports in Brazil, Argentina and Romania. Furthermore, Telespazio is present within the Italian Defense Centres of Pratica di Mare and Vigna di Valle (Rome). In Malargüe, Argentina, it manages ESA's Deep Space 3 station. Telespazio supports the French Defense Centres of Creil and Maisons-Laffitte, and in Malindi, Kenya, supports the Italian Space Agency's Broglio Space Centre. The company is also present at the Kourou Space Centre in French Guyana.


Telespazio’s “Piero Fanti” Space Centre in Fucino (L’Aquila) has been active since 1963, and today, with its 170 antennas and 370,000 square metres, it is recognized as the first and most important teleport in the world for civilian use.


The Matera Space Centre was created as part of the national and international network of centres and teleports operated by Telespazio, and has been operational since 1994.


The Lario Space Centre, operational since 1977, is located at the far North of Lake Como, in the town of Gera Lario.


More than 65,000 square metres, the Scanzano Centre is active in the fields of telecommunications, satellite navigation, and remote sensing.