Digital Cinema

MARTCinema is a multimedia solution for the DCP (Digital Cinema Package) deliveryA bidirectional network of the delivery process: from rapidly ingesting Digital Cinema Packages (DCPs), checking the Key Delivery Message (KDM), to their timely delivery and automated handoff to Theatre Management Systems on a precise schedule. 

Expert help desk, fully competent in each technical issues and process, to provide optimal performance.

Theatrical delivery

At the request of distributors, sales agents and content owners, MARTCinema delivers all types of content to cinema exhibitors in Italy thanks to a fully-integrated solution. MARTCinema comprehensive offer allows content to be delivered efficiently, on-time, safely and securely via satellite.

End to End Solutions

A fully-managed premium services to our clients, from post production, delivery and management of KDM and DCP. A dedicated portal for exhibitors where you can check your movies / trailers, select them as favourites to avoid unintentional deletion and programme rooms. A management platform dedicated to distributors to release KDM and plot the DCPs. A dedicated customer support active 24H/7 days. NOC and competence centre always available.

Delivered or Delivered

Our process and organisation can guarantee 100% of deliveries of transmitted contents.

Smart Together

A unique partnership with: CEDAS an IT warehouse for motion picture studio, Reel One best-known for its production and post-production activities and Telespazio a leader in Space and Satellite solutions.