Secure communications for complex challenges

A one stop shop for systems and solutions

Fully-managed end-to-end satcom services supporting military, government and institutional customers, to provide them with: satellite capacity, anchor station, backhaul and end-to-end network with a combination of fixed, mobile, transportable terminals and services.

In tactical military satellite communications (Milsatcom), we play a strategic role thanks to the participation in the Athena Fidus and SICRAL programmes, consolidating the ability as satellite operators, we have a share of satellites’ transmission capacity, therefore being able to offer telecommunications services to several armed forces of NATO member countries.

Connectivity, airtime and products

With an agnostic approach using both military and commercial satellite assets and capacity, thanks to our extensive experience across diverse industries and programmes, we integrate the latest technological advances to satisfy our customers. Our portfolio delivers the best choice of services and products: fixed, mobile and transportable satellite terminals. Designed for rapid set-up and secure reliable communications under different combination environments from land, to naval, helicopters and manned or unmanned air vehicles.

Managed Services

Our managed satellite solutions provide customers with the assurance that their critical communications will stay connected in any remote or extreme environment worldwide. Available in set packages or as a private network, in a secure integrated solution. A completed range of satellite solutions and hybrid networks for critical communication and for the welfare of military personnel.

Ground base communications 

We supply a range of proven fixed, fly-away, man-portable and vehicular mounted terminals (ie.: MSS) and services to connect ground-based forces to their command centres – to deliver high-speed secure voice, video and data.

Naval and maritime communications

Supporting Coast Guard operations and military navies in their large coalition forces, anti-piracy operations and peacekeeping missions far away from home waters. Telespazio provides a wide range of integrated solutions and end-to-end services.

Manned and unmanned aerial vehicles communications

Supporting a wide range of military operations, Telespazio offers satellite communications for manned and unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs). Furthermore, we are involved since time in large demonstration roadmap- used by military and institutional customers for the test and validation of dedicated applications.

System Design, Installation, Integration, Testing and Validation

Leveraging on different international defence and institutional programmes like Galileo and GovSatCom, our team of dedicated engineers has extensive experience in the design, integration, installation, testing and validation of large hybrid networks.