Emergency Network

Restoral and post-event networks
Helping in the rescue operation. To communicate in an efficient way.

The challenges of connecting harsh and remote locations

Whether operating in remote areas or responding to a disaster, providing resilient and rapidly deployable communications solutions is a mandatory task. We offer a wide range of mobile, fixed, transportable and fly-away solutions to meet the stringent requirements of government agencies and relief organisations.

Satellite solutions to remove barrier

Communication solutions with a broad range of applications including: Internet access, telephony, video conferencing and data communication, in different scenarios. VSAT (Very Small Aperture Terminal), MSS (Mobile Satellite Services) and hybrid solutions to connect harsh locations, to allow police, fire and coast guard to operate on emergency services.

Main Technical Capabilities

Hybrid solutions integrated with wireless, cellular and radio technologies on land, on sea and air; Agnostic approach in defining and choosing the best technology and satellite coverage; Secure Terrestrial Connectivity and Backbone Access; High level of transparency on the network integration; Independent Service Provider with over 50 years of experience in building and managing secure network.

End to End Services

Network design and implementation, management and maintenance to ensure customer benefit from dealing with a single supplier for their communication needs. Our networks can combine pre-disaster planning and a set-up with rapid post-event deployment, with a completely diverse Virtual Private Network (VPN) backup service for locations connected by Wide Area Networks (WAN).