Managed Network

We provide a wide range of cutting edge solutions for enterprise and governmental customers.

Providing integrated satellite and hybrid offer through: commercially available equipment and Ka, Ku, C, S, X and L band capacity, a variety of link architectures, including point-to-point links to fixed or portable stations as well as point-to-multipoint STAR or MESH configurations with multicast capability, creating end-to-end solutions anywhere in the world.

Our solution is scalable, efficient and easy to be deployed either for permanent either for seasonal or occasional use.

Corporate Network

We design, implement and manage communication networks for corporates requiring connectivity and business continuity. Our offer includes a variety of value added services and applications to improve productivity, to guarantee safety and security and to monitor assets.

Multicast and content delivery

The best choice for sending files and video contents in “one-to- many” mode. Satellites guarantees the security of the transmission enabling simultaneous communications to several recipients. Business TV and the Digital signage are managed from our teleports.

Our team is ready to support and develop the best solution.