Digital Platforms services

Telespazio provides transmission services of Television and Radio channels through our digital platforms to allow broadcasters to distribute their contents in a wide area using various satellites and orbital positions.

Digital Platform Services are mainly operated from our Fucino and Lario Space Centres in Italy.

Telespazio's Digital Platforms provide facilities and services to gather television, radio and multimedia signals delivered to Telespazio via dedicated terrestrial networks, through the public Internet or generated by playout systems directly installed and connected to our platforms.

Signals are transmitted in DVB-S and DVB-S2 through geo stationary satellites, mainly over Central and Eastern Europe as well as Middle East and North Africa countries.

Provided services include EPG and HBBTV features.


The services are provided through facilities allowing the transmission of a single customer’s TV or Radio channel within a digital DVB/MPEG multiplex as a fraction of the full multiplex capacity. Transmissions are provided either Free-To-Air (FTA) or using Conditional Access Systems (CAS).

Encoding & Conditional access services

We can provide encoding services of Digital Television and Radio programs. The encoding is performed by using broadcast professional equipment suitable to feed multiplexers and ready for Direct To Home (DTH) distribution. We can offer Conditional Access services for TV channels that need access control to the contents.

Monitoring and control

We guarantee to our customers a 24/7 technical check on services through skilled engineers in shift operating in dedicated Master Control Rooms, UNI EN ISO 9001 quality management systems standards certified. From Master Control Rooms, our engineers check the systems achieving Service Level Agreements (SLA) accomplishment by implementing troubleshooting procedures to solve technical outages and providing customer technical front end and reporting.

Time-shifting & Archive

At our Space Centres, we are able to provide “time-shifting” services in order to always reflect the local times in the case of worldwide distribution of contents. We do also provide upon customer’s request the storage of content, including the downlink  of the channel, the recording and archiving according to the rules in force.