MSS-Mobile Satellite Services

Terminals and Airtime
Ideal for business, institutions and humanitarian organisations

Pump up the connectivity

Communications should increase efficiency and productivity…not slow you down!

We offer a range of market-leading handheld satellite phones and airtime connectivity (i.e. traffic plans) that can provide reliable and global communications on the move.

Suitable for users involved in various sectors including civil government, NGOs, Oil and Gas, the Media and those simply looking for adventure. A range of handheld devices offering reliable voice and data connectivity in remote and inhospitable environments.


Inmarsat network is an L-band satellite system using geostationary satellites.

It can be used to send and receive calls, surf the internet, send and receive text messages and video files from any part of the world, excluding Polar regions.


Iridium newtork is an L-band satellite system in LEO (Low Earth Orbit). It can be used to send and receive calls, SMS and emails worldwide, even in the Polar regions.

Iridium NEXT is a second generation worldwide network of telecommunications consisting of 66 cross-linked Low- Earth Orbit (LEO) satellites, delivering high-quality communication. Iridium Certus is a suite of products and services enabling a unique high value mobility applications, with a range of speeds optimised for real-time connectivity services across maritime, land mobile, aviation and IoT markets.


Thuraya services provide voice and broadband data communications by using handheld satellite terminals (phones and modems) in more than 160 countries across Europe, part of Africa, Asia and Australia.