Land Solutions
Land Solutions

Terminals and Airtime
Integrated Solutions

Ideal for those requiring primary or backup communication links, for operators and branch offices located in remote areas where terrestrial connectivity is absent or poor and for those who need to communicate with their staff and headquarters, even in motion. 

Solutions for those who needs to track and monitor own assets located in remote areas (land, maritime, aero).

Your Office in Remote Location

MSS supports corporate and office applications, enabling companies to set up a connected mobile office in minutes everywhere on the planet.

Your Vehicular Terminals

Even in the most under-served areas of the world, mobile satellite systems provide those out in the field reliable connections and simultaneous voice and data communications while their vehicle is moving.

Machine to Machine

Agile satellite services suitable for data transmission with low latency. For those who need to track and monitor their own assets located in remote areas. Ideal for those who need to send megabytes of data (per terminal / per month).