Data Conversion

Outsourcing of the tasks related to the data supposes a considerable saving in money and resources.

Based applications relate alphanumeric data (numerical and text) to graphical data establishing a model which ties them together. Graphical data cannot be used on its own. The work associated with developing or maintaining a GIS usually includes:

  • Searching and selecting data bases (urban cartography, cadastral etc) adapted to a specific use
  • Searching and selecting tie data bases (partner-demographic, postal codes, street data etc.
  • Digitalising and structuring the data (data paper, CAD archives)
  • Massive loading the GIS or data population
  • Quality control and audits of previous data before loading in a GIS
  • Geo-referencing (precise location of data) and file conversion to raster
  • Adjusting the systems of coordinates
  • Normalisation of data
  • Defining maintenance policies and updating information
  • Consultancy support for any area related to the creation, management and migration of data bases

TELESPAZIO IBÉRICA offers complete outsourcing of the entire project and its maintenance including the control of non-facilitated documentation.

Like any specialized Company our team has ample experience in treating and resolving different situations that can occur in the process of developing the application and its population. The use of specialized methodologies helps increase productivity and to manually diminishes the casuistry of the treatment of residual elements, reducing drastically associate costs.