The border surveillance service is part of the Security domain of the Copernicus Programme. The aim is to support the information exchange framework on the surveillance of the EU's external borders (EUROSUR) by providing quasi-real time data on the events occurring near the EU's land and sea borders. This is intended to reduce the number of illegal immigrants who die at sea, increase the internal security of the European Union, and combat cross-border crime.

Telespazio Ibérica has been involved in providing this service from 2016 to the present day without interruption. A team of technicians, experts in the interpretation of VHR satellite images, works on each activation to generate a quality product that helps to keep our borders safe.


Through this service, the EU provides assistance to third countries in declared or emerging crisis situations and helps prevent global and trans-regional threats with a destabilising effect. To assist the EU in its operations, the service provides, in particular, policy makers with geo-information on remote and difficult-to-access areas where security issues are at stake.

The consortium led by e-GEOS, of which Telespazio Ibérica is a member, has recently (Jan-2019) renewed the contract for the provision of this service.