AESA: White Paper on R+D+i for Unmanned Aviation in Spain

24 November 2020

Agencia Estatal de Seguridad Aérea (AESA) (State Aviation Safety Agency) has presented the ‘White Paper on R+D+i for Unmanned Aviation in Spain’, developed by its Centre of Excellence for Drones, composed of experts from the fields of University, Industry and Research.

The book, in the words of AESA Director, Isabel Maestre, “aims at trying to glimpse in the future what should be the challenges of research, development and innovation that will allow Spain to move towards the leadership of one of the sectors with most future in the current technological panorama.”

Maestre pointed out that: “In the face of the aviation crisis, drones can be a very useful tool – not only at the service of society, but also as a driving force for the aviation sector in the coming years,” adding that the future of the sector depends on “close public-private collaboration and a considerable scientific-technological effort.”

Telespazio Ibérica’s Head of Marketing, Business Development and Sales, Carlos Hernández Medel, has been part of the Advisory Board of the AESA Centre of Excellence for Unmanned Aviation. Therefore, he has been part of the development of the White Paper, created with the invaluable help of this council of experts to which he belongs.

The book is structured into nine thematic areas, seeking in each of them the needs of R+D+i and to know what guidelines should be followed in the field of unmanned aviation in Spain. These areas are:

  • Socio-economics, strategy and national interests
  • Value chain and business development
  • Human Factors and Social Acceptability
  • Regulation and certification
  • Operational safety
  • Physical security and cyber security, 
  • Traffic management
  • Technology and technological leap / Innovation and disruptive technologies
  • Mobility, transport and integration with infrastructure, "Smart cities"

For more information, you can download the White Paper