AWS Ground Station, compatible with Telespazio's cloud-based service platform, ENABLE

22 April 2021

Telespazio Germany GmbH announces support for AWS Ground Station within Telespazio’s cloud-based service platform for space operations ENABLE.

The collaboration provides customers with access to an expanded network of satellite ground stations, simplified satellite management, and AWS services for data processing, storage, and analysis.

“We are witnessing a convergence of space and cloud as businesses and space agencies generate more data, from more sources than ever before. This is a significant undertaking and cost driver because customers often require antennas in multiple countries to download data when and where they need it without waiting for the satellite to pass over a desired location”

Andrés Martínez, Sales Director Commercial Space for Telespazio.

The combination of AWS and Telespazio’s ENABLE service platform helps space start-ups to minimize capital expenditures and re-target those funds to developing applications that will support many vital, exciting new missions in space.

AWS Ground Station enables customers to downlink data and efficiently control satellite communications across multiple regions, process data, and scale operations without having to worry about building or managing their own ground station infrastructure.

ENABLE, which helps space start-ups to accelerate remote sensing, IoT, satellite communications and early launch applications development, allows customers to safely plan and execute their missions both in the space and aviation domain, being flexible and scalable to any specific need.

The combined technologies and services from AWS and Telespazio will therefore provide a cost effective and scalable solution that allows customers to rapidly transform large amounts of raw data into actionable intelligence, collaborate and experiment with new applications, and deliver products to market faster without buying, leasing, or maintaining complex and expensive infrastructure.

Using AWS Ground Station, Telespazio customers can immediately access AWS storage, compute, and analytics services, such as Amazon S3, to store the downloaded data; Amazon Kinesis Data Streams, for managing data ingestion from satellites; and Amazon SageMaker for building custom machine learning applications that can be applied to a wide variety of data sets.