Telespazio Iberica expands its offer of optical images thanks to the alliance between e-Geos and Satellogic

02 December 2022
  • e-Geos and Satellogic sign an agreement for the distribution of very high-resolution satellite data.
  • The data can be used to create and distribute value-added and derivative products.

Telespazio Iberica has a wide portfolio of optical and satellite images; this is possible by working with the main suppliers with the aim of providing the best solutions to their customers.

Thanks to the new strategic alliance of e-Geos (Telespazio 80%, ASI 20%) and Satellogic Inc. Telespazio will be able to maintain its position as one of the main providers of satellite images advising its customers with the product that best suits their needs, expanding its portfolio.

On November 10th, in Rome, both companies signed a service agreement that will grant e-GEOS and all its subsidiaries, worldwide distribution rights for data from the Satellogic Aleph-1 constellation of very high-resolution optical satellites of low Earth orbit.

The agreement allows e-GEOS and the Telespazio Group to order new images as well as images from Satellogic's archive, which can also can be used to create and distribute value-added products and derivatives. In addition, it establishes terms and conditions that allow a rapid and joint response to market opportunities, combining the satellite assets of both parties with the expertise of e-GEOS in the development of services and applications delivered through vertical digital platforms.