Celebrated with great success the first #GalileoGICkathon 2022 of the Galileo Information Center for Mexico, Central America and the Caribbean

20 September 2022

On September 9 and 10, the first Hackathon of the Galileo Information Center of Mexico, organized jointly with the Galileo Information Center of Chile, took place in online format.

Telespazio Ibérica, the main partner of the consortium of the Galileo Information Centre in Mexico, was responsible for providing support in the realisation of the Hackathon and, above all, will provide technical and business support for the prizes to the winners.

The objective of the Hackathon was to promote the development of new applications that use Europe's Global Navigation Satellite System (GNSS): Galileo, to reduce the digital divide in Latin America through Galileo and contribute to the sustainable development of the region.

The applications presented had to be aimed at three specific development areas: Emergencies and natural disasters, Productivity and sustainability, and Mobility and Smart cities.

The days before the Hackathon, two information sessions were held so that the participants had all the training and information necessary to participate successfully. They were trained on how to use Galileo data, use cases, business development and financing.

10 teams participated in the event and more than 50 registered from different countries: Mexico, Venezuela, Colombia, Spain, Ecuador, Panama, Guatemala, Portugal, El Salvador, Costa Rica and Nicaragua.

The jury, made up of Luis Cuervo (DEFIS), Leonidas Ibarra (USACH), Jorge Arturo Cabrera (SICA) and José Francisco Romero (Mexican Space Agency), chose the following winning solutions:

• The first place solution, from the Panamanian TelecoSS team, called GASC: Galileo-assisted Supply Chain focuses on product traceability.

• The solution presented by the Caring for the Community team in Mexico came in second place and focuses on the use of state-of-the-art technology to reduce the probability of deaths and damage caused by floods.

• And, thirdly, we find the solution presented by the Locyg Systems team from Mexico. It is a platform that offers solutions for private and government logistics services through a multiplatform that makes use of the metadata of the Galileo satellite constellation. The objective of the platform is to measure operating costs, traceability of merchandise and implement optimizations tailored to users.

The organizers of the #GalileoGICkathon are very satisfied with the participation received at the event and the level of the solutions presented, which show that the knowledge and use of Galileo is making a place for itself in the Latin American region.

Thank you all for participating in the #GalileoGICkathon!