Leonardo and Telespazio among the signatories of the “Statement for a Responsible Space Sector”

11 January 2023

Last November in Paris, Luigi Pasquali, Leonardo’s Space activities coordinator and CEO of Telespazio, was among the signatories of the “Statement for a Responsible Space Sector”

Taking advantage of ESA Council at Ministerial level in Paris, European actors from the space sector have gathered to sign a “Statement for a Responsible Space Sector” to express their commitment to contribute to the long-term sustainability of space projects and pave the way to work towards the socially and environmentally responsible management of all activities within the space sector.

The growing expectations of European States and citizens to address the global challenges faced by humankind encourage the Signatories in reinforcing their continuous engagement to foster sustainable development on Earth.

We are entering an era where it is a necessity to enforce the purpose of technologies to fight against climate change and to preserve life and resources for future generations.

The main objective of the Statement is to provide a foundation for the sustainable development of the space sector while increasing the contribution of space activities to the benefit of society.

ESA is honoured to collaborate with space stakeholders in the signature of this Statement for a Responsible Space Sector preceding the ESA Council at Ministerial level.

Presented in the statement, specific principles and values are highlighted, to reinforce and further develop cooperation together with and among space actors. In this perspective, after the signature, the floor will remain open for additional actors who wish to engage and commit for a more responsible space sector.

Within the framework of the Statement, the signatories will pursue and strengthen their coordinated efforts in areas of common interest aiming at preserving life, resources, humankind, and society.

In this perspective, working groups on the topics of ‘Decarbonisation of the space sector’, ‘Responsible procurement’ and ‘LCA and green technologies for space systems’ have been working and are producing valuable outputs.

Other key topics remain to be tackled; the Statement is therefore offering a unique framework to foster cooperation among actors of the space sector on these topics.