Telespazio Iberica is part of Polo Aeroespacial de Galicia as a strategic partner of the Xunta de Galicia

01 December 2022

Telespazio Ibérica signed on November 11th the contract as one of the new strategic partners of the Xunta de Galicia, on the occasion of initiating a project that will increase the geographical scope of the Aerospace Pole of Galicia at European and international level in the field of unmanned aerial vehicles (UAVs).

The participation of Telespazio will involve an investment of € 17.81M (€ 8.9M contributed by the Xunta and the Ministry of Science and Innovation and € 8.9M committed by the company) for the development of 12 R+D+i projects.

The event was held in the Hangar of the Aeroporta Research Center of Rozas (CIAR), with the presence of the president of the Xunta, Alfonso Rueda Valenzuela.  The attendees were received by the director of the Galician Innovation Agency, Patricia Argerey and the general director of INTA, Julio Ayuso, with the participation of the vice president of sales of Airbus and the CEO of Babcock, who are part of the initiative, as well as our CEO, Miguel Luis Bermudo Piñero and Valerio Perusini,  Commercial Vice President of Geoinformation business line of the Telespazio group.

Miguel Bermudo, declared: "Telespazio Ibérica assumes a strong commitment to Galicia, in the long term, with several lines of action: on the one hand, technological innovation at the service of the needs of the Galician public administration; and on the other, the promotion of the Galician aerospace sector represented by its SMEs and technology centers; and, finally, support for entrepreneurs and educational excellence"

As a result of the partnership with Babcock, a company with long experience and capacity as an operator of drone services and awarded previous phases of the initiative, it has been built together, "A unique, integrated and recognized value proposition with the highest score of all the offers submitted to the Civil UAV Initiative, and that will transcend beyond the execution of this innovation program. Our common objective is to attack this market vertical jointly and with global reach from Galicia," said Miguel Bermudo.

Telespazio´s goal in this project is based on providing an operational service of "Observation and Management of Biodiversity" that exploits the information from the new wide-range UAS flights combined with the information of earth observation from satellites.

Progress will be made in the creation of technologies based on unmanned vehicles for the management, monitoring and monitoring of biodiversity. This project provides new solutions with drones as part of the 3rd Phase of the Civil UAV Initiative (CUI).

Telespazio has a strong commitment to entrepreneurship and therefore, they have included strong economic and professional support to BFAero, through mentoring with experts in the sector that will help achieve the success of each initiative.