Telespazio Ibérica joins more than 80 companies supporting access to employment for the most vulnerable women

12 March 2021

More than 4 million women of working age are at risk of poverty and/or exclusion.

Last Monday, 8th March, International Women's Day was celebrated, a framework in which Telespazio Ibérica, together with the Adecco Foundation and with the collaboration of more than 80 other committed companies, celebrates its Women's Week 2021 with a double objective; on the one hand, to accelerate access to employment for women at greater risk of exclusion, providing them with resources and tools to increase their employability and, on the other, to make visible and create awareness of the obstacles that they still have to overcome to compete on equal terms in the labour market.

This initiative is part of the social mission #EmpleoParaTodas, of the Adecco Foundation, and is aligned with the Sustainable Development Goals, particularly 4 of them: end of poverty, reduction of inequalities, gender equality, decent work and economic growth.  In addition, the 2030 Agenda establishes, in its SDG 17, the importance of generating partnerships to achieve these social goals: the more than 80 companies participating in Women's Week 2021 respond to this SDG, joining our efforts to contribute to this social challenge.

28% of women of working age are at risk of poverty and/or social exclusion, with unemployment being one of the main triggers. These figures do not yet reflect the effects of the pandemic on the population, and are therefore only a downward approximation of the real data on poverty and exclusion currently suffered by women of working age in Spain.

Among men of working age, the risk of poverty and/or exclusion is lower, affecting 20% of them. This difference of 8 percentage points reflects the greater vulnerability of women, as well as the added difficulties they face in their search for employment.

In addition to working directly with women on their employability, the Adecco Foundation and more than 80 collaborating companies have joined forces to launch an awareness-raising message that reaches society and our workers, making visible and raising awareness of the great difficulties faced by women at risk of exclusion in the COVID-19 era.